Creating your own World Wonder

Part 1:

Research the Seven Wonders

Part 2:

Research your Ancient Civilization

Part 3. Based on your research, create a magazine in Google Slides 8 0r 12 pages 

Part 4.

Design and Build your Wonder (based on your ancient civilization) in Google Sketch up. Note: Your design should answer the below questions.

Magazine DUE: Monday March 12, 2018 (shared with

Google Sketch Up Wonder Due: Thursday, March 22, 2018 File uploaded to Drive and shared with 

What civilization are you designing a wonder for?


What time frame are you building your wonder?


What tools will you have access to when building your wonder?


What resources are available to you?


What is your labor force comprised of?


Does your wonder serve a purpose for your civilization?


What is the purpose of your wonder? (Don’t say: to be wonderful)




Remember that your can make any type of wonder you want.  You don’t have to redesign the wonder that your civilization actually built. 


Get creative.  Use your intelligence to really work on a wonder to amaze.


Take your time.  Don’t accept your first draft as your final version.  Add to, take away from, change as you need to. 

Magazine Rubric

Create a Magazine of your research in Google Slides

Size the magazine 8.5 x 11 in Custom Page Size

The Magazine should be 8 or 12 Slides (including cover) 

The Magazine should include a TItle

Pictures with captions (You must have at least two pictures per page)

Research (Please highlight important facts to use in your magazine)

All pictures and research must be sourced and included in your magazine.

Use M3S Roxx Research and Reference and History Tabs and your History Book.

DUE: Monday March 12, 2018.

Wonder in Google Sketch Up

Create your own Wonder in Google Sketch Up based on your research of your ancient culture.

Does the design make sense to the timeframe and culture?

Is the purpose of the Wonder clear?

Does the design take into consideration the tools used?