Fifth Shakespeare Festival 


Each year the middle school “roxx” the Bard with their Shakespeare Unit in Literature. They read several Shakespeare plays and sonnets, study cultural aspects of the time and learn all about the life of William Shakespeare. Creating a Theatrical Portfolio, they pen their own scene from one of the play write’s tales. This portfolio includes: cultural overview of scene and play, a re-written script, character analysis, and description, props list and costume sketch. In drama class they bring their script to life, and finally they perform a Shakespeare Festival at the Thomas Center, Spanish Court for first – fifth graders. This year marks the fifth year of the festival and features scenes outside the globe presented by the sixth graders. They’ll introduce you to various characters from the Elizabethan era.  The seventh and eighth graders present re-written selections from The Tempest.  A magical storm opens the show, where Prospero and Miranda watch as a boat carrying Prospero’s enemies shipwreck on the same island they have inhabited for twelve years. The story unfolds many twists and surprises, with Dukes, a monster “Caliban,” a sprite, “Ariel,” a jester, “Trinculo,” and many more mysterious characters. Join the mayhem on Friday, February 17, 2012.