Speech, Debate, and Drama are integral parts of the curriculum for performing arts in Gainesville, FL, for all 1st through 8th-grade students. The 1st through 5th grade are given thirty minutes of instruction each week, while middle school students receive an hour of instruction each week.
Speech & Public Speaking are taught to ease the students into speaking in front of groups. In the 6th through 8th grades, the students at Millhopper Montessori School learn to write various speeches and deliver them in multiple styles. By 8th grade, the students give their speeches extemporaneously using a keyword outline and also deliver a five-minute impromptu speech. Lessons of voice projection, varying tones, and proper body language, as well as not fidgeting and being prepared, begin in the 1st grade and continue through 8th grade.
Debate teaches formal discussion of various opinions. The middle school students spend weeks researching a current event, environmental issue, or historical issue and present a formal debate to the 1st through 5th-grade students every other year in front of debate judges.
Drama teaches students the creative process of acting, auditioning, script-writing, and presenting a show. Every other year students participate in a Shakespeare Festival and Year Show during our STEAM focus year. During our STEM focus year students participate in the Festival of Dionysus and a formal Debate. Middle School students have the opportunity to audition to be a part of the International Junior Thespian Society every August. 

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