Every other year middle school students study Greek Myths in Literature class, Constellations in Science class, and Ancient Athens and Sparta in History class. They re-write selected myths and rehearse during Drama class.  In art class they create Greek vases from paper mache and paint  scenes from the myths presented. They present the selected  re-written myths,  constellations research, and an Athens versus Sparta debate during the festival. They also showcase their artwork.

Festival of Dionysus 2021

Due to Covid, the 20-21 Festival of Dionysus will be different, filmed in sections, and compiling them into a video.  

Click the video to view The Festival of Dionysus 2021.

Festival of Dionysus 2019

Our Festival has ended. We have honored the mythologies 0f Egyptian, Norse, and Greek. We are the Greek Chorus , All acting as one. Next year we present Shakespeare , For now, our show is done! 

Photos of the Festival of Dionysus 2019

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