Debate 2021

Date: March 1: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Welcome to the 2021 Debate Information Page

The Debate Topics and Teams 2021 

Changing the Voting to Age to 16.

PRO: The Legal Age of Voting Should Be Changed to the Age of 16 from the Age of 18. 

Team: Vivie, Hailey, Laura

CON: The Legal Age of Voting Should Not Be Changed to the Age of 16 from the Age of 18. 

Team: Harrison, Westin, Holden, Henry

Unions Bring About Change for Good.

PRO: Unions Bring Positive Change and Create More Good Than Harm.  

Team: Sivan, Taylor, Beckett, Miles

CON: Unions Do Not Bring Positive Change and Create More Harm than Good.

Team: Janu, Izzie, Eric, Soso, Angelo

Protesting Brings About Change

PRO: Protesting is Useful For Bringing About Change 

Team: Stuart, Gavin, K.C. 

Con: Protesting is Not Useful For Bringing About Change

Team: Austin, West, Sofia



All of your assignments must be shared and uploaded to your team's Google Classroom.

Each week you will post in the Google Classroom Forum, what each team did in class and at home.

Instructions: You will divide the work in the debate.  Opening, Closing, Point 1, Point 2, Point 3 and Rebuttal. Research should be divided between all team members. Remember each team must also research the opposing side, to be prepared for the rebuttal. Once you have decided on your positions, post it in the Google Classroom Forum. Start brainstorming ideas for your points. 

HW: Due: Friday, January 29, 2021 (Typed in Google Docs, uploaded in Google Classroom in the Assignments Area)

Instructions: You should have six points for your Statement based on research. We will narrow down the points to the three strongest points in class on Friday, February 5. 

Add URL's and name of websites from the research you found to back up points. You only need one or two for this assignment, Note: You will need more than this for the debate.

,Monday, January 25,  2021: Research points/rebuttal in Technology/Due by the end of classType in Google Classroom, what each team member did.

Friday, January 29: Debate Work Day

Monday, Feb. 1: Debate Work Day

Friday, Feb. 5: Debate Work Day (Point Paragraphs Drafts due by end of class)

Monday, Feb: 8: 11:00am 8th PRO, 11:30am:  8th CON 12:30pm 6th PRO 1:00pm 6th CON 

Wednesday, Feb. 10 11:00am 7th Pro, 11:30am 7th Con

Friday, Feb. 12 Debate Work Day

Friday, February 19: Final Debate DUE

Monday: Feb 22: Debate Rehearsal in Teams: 11:00am 8th PRO, 11:30am:  8th CON 12:30pm 6th PRO 1:00pm 6th CON 

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Rehearsal in Teams: 11:00am 7th Pro, 11:30am 7th Con

Friday, Feb, 26: Debate Rehearsal in Teams/Work Day

Monday, March 1: Debate Prep: 11:00am - 12:45pm (Each team for 15 mins - final feedback)

March 1 Formal Debate, Professional Attire Required! 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Debate Portfolio

You must have a digital copy of the debate (in a Google Slide - shared with me at, a hard copy to turn in a folder. 

Final Draft to include in MLA: Title Page, Table of Contents, Opening, First Point, Second Point, Third Point, Closing, Rebuttal and Bibliography in one Project Binder or Folder.) Also uploaded in your Debate Team's Google Classroom. 

Written Paper Rubric

MLA:                                                                       10


CORRECT SPELLING/GRAMMAR:                   10


OPENING:  (Attention Grabber):                          10


Summary of points:                                                15


Transitions                                                              5


Point clearly stated:                                                 5


Properly Cited:                                                        5


Closing Clear/Position restated:                           10


Content Clearly Stated:                                        10


Good Use of Words:                                            10

Final Draft in Binder/Folder with


Bibliography and Table of Contents                    10


WORTH                                                              100



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