Debate 2023

Date: February 24, 900am - 12:00pm 

Welcome to the 2023 Debate Information Page

Debate is part of Millhopper Montessori Middle School’s advanced curriculum. A formal debate is held every other year for students to debate their researched viewpoints on a topic. This year’s Debate will be held on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023 at 9:30am

The Debate Topics and Teams 2023 



Sixth Grade Debates

Water or Land

PRO: Protecting our water supply is more important than protecting our land.

Team: Dahlia, Remy, Noah, Arina, Joaquin, Sonya

CON: Protecting our water supply is NOT more important than protecting our land.

Team:  Travis, Camila, Ben, Jakob, Bindu

The Big Sugar Industry

PRO: The Big Sugar Industry Has a Negative Impact on the Environment

Team:   Lucas, Norris,  Ava Lu , Laura 

Con: The Big Sugar Industry DOES NOT HAVE a Negative Impact on the Environment

Team: Vivie, Eli, Henry

Golf Courses and Water Usage

PRO: Golf courses deplete our water supply.

Team:   Harrison, Abby, Eshaal

Con: Golf courses do not deplete our water supply.

Team: Holden, Harry,  Hailey


  1. Debate gives students the opportunity to utilize critical thinking skills and learn  to formally discuss real-world issues while learning from their peers. 

  2. Debate allows the students to learn about different viewpoints on a given topic.

  3. Debate teaches students about defending a viewpoint with facts not opinions.


Persuasive Essay Organizer

 Online Research

 Library Books





Professional Attire Required

Debate Paper printed

Calendar of Dates


Jan. 9: Introduction of Topics

Jan. 11: Work in Class/Research

Jan. 12: Work in Class/Research/Format of Debate

Jan. 23: Work in Class/Research/Three Points

Jan. 27: Three Points Due by end of class: The Statements are due, not the summary of each statement.                                                        

Feb. 3: Work in Class/Research/Writing Summaries

Feb. 6: Work in Class/Research/Writing Summaries

Feb. 10: Work in Class

Feb. 13: Draft of Entire Debate due: Opening, Closing, Rebuttal, Point 1, Point 2,   Point 3.

Feb. 17: Practice Delivery

Feb. 24 Formal Debate at 9:30am

Note: (There will be a practice date added the week

of Feb. 21 before the day of the Formal Debate.)


Part 1: Each student will be graded individually on their part in the debate. 

Part 2: A panel of judges will choose which side of each debate presented the most valid viewpoint based on research, facts and oral presentation.

Research: 35 points

Participation: 20 points

Peer Evaluation: 10 points

In Class Work Days: 15 points each

Summary Draft: 50 points

Professional Attire: 15 points

Written Paper: 100 pints

Each student will receive feedback on their oral presentation.

Each student will start with 60 points

15 points will be taken away for not wearing professional attire

10 points will be taken away if the presentation is not practiced

Extra points will be given for eye contact 10 points

Extra points will given for voice projection 10 points

Extra Points will be given for proper body language 10 points

Extra points will be given for tone in delivery 10 points

DEBATE Written Paper Rubric

  MLA:                                                              10


OPENING:  (Attention Grabber):                  10

 Summary of points:                                       15

 Transitions                                                       15

Point clearly stated:                       5

 Properly Cited:                                                 5

 Closing Clear/Position restated:                      10

 Content Clearly Stated:                               10

 Good Use of Words:                                        10





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