Tenth Shakespeare Festival 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Shakespeare Festival! The monologue we just presented is the prologue to Shakespeare’s history play, Henry V. The chorus explains that the great expansive fields of battle in France can’t be shown on the stage and asks the audience to use their imagination. We ask you to do the same for us. This year we’re presenting “Shakespeare in the Park” with Much Ado about Nothing!   “Much Ado” is considered one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies. It was written around 1599 and published in Shakespeare’s First Folio. The “Nothing” in the title meant gossip and rumors during this time period. Gossip and rumors cause a lot of trouble during this play! But it all turns out well. That’s because it’s a comedy. Shakespeare’s comedies always ended well with happy characters getting married. There are two couples at the center of this tale - Claudio and Hero...a young couple hoping to wed. And Benedick and Beatrice, two foes who insult each other every opportunity they get!



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