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Ancient History in General

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  • Ancient Web - Go to the Explore option on the menu to find articles on ancient cultures all over the world.
  • Ancient and Classic Cultures - Links to web sites for many regions. By the Homework Center of the Multnomah Public Library.
  • Ancient Scripts - An introduction to writing in the ancient world and information on the individual languages.
  • Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page - Information and activities for many ancient cultures such as Egypt, Greece, Italy, China and India. There are things here for both teachers and students.
  • Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations - Find out about everyday life in ancient China, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Prehistoric Cultures

Ancient Egypt


Ancient Near East

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greece - A good introduction to ancient Greece.
  • Ancient Greece - You will find all kinds of information about ancient Greece in this site by Mr. Donn.
  • Ancient Greece - from BBC Schools.
  • Homer - Information on the Iliad and Odyssey from About.Com.
  • The Iliad - One of the most important stories ever told. Every Greek school child would have know this story.
  • Ancient Greek Architecture - the ancient Greeks are famous for their beautiful buildings.
  • Hellas.Net - A history of ancient Greece from the stone age to 146 BC.

Ancient Rome

  • The Mysterious Etruscans - These people lived on the Italian Peninsula before the Romans.
  • Classics Unveiled - This site has sections on Roman history and Roman life. There is also a section on Roman mythology. This site was written by students at the York Mills C. I. in Ontario, Canada.
  • Ancient Rome - Children's Section - A good introduction to Roman life, and you can click on the Grown Up section to learn more.
  • The Romans - Information about ancient Rome. This site also has some videos of ancient Roman sites.
  • Forum Romanum - A tour of virtual Rome along with information on history, literature and language. You will also find Christmas carols in Latin.
  • Pompeii - Pompeii was a busy Roman city until 79 AD when the the volcano Vesuvius erupted and buried the city under lava and ashes.
  • Pompeii: Window on Ancient Rome - See Pompeii in this YouTube video.
  • Roman Emperors - Biographies of the emperors.
  • The Romans in Britain - Information about Roman life, the Roman army, and a good timeline.

Central America

Aztec sculpture

South America

  • The Nazca Culture - These early people of Peru made huge drawings in the desert. From Inside Peru
  • The Moche - Early people of Peru who made really beautiful pottery. This site is from Inside Peru.
  • The Incredible Incas for Kids - The Inca lived in what is now Ecuador and Peru.
  • Machu Picchu - The lost city of the Incas. This is a video by Nation
  • Lost Amazon Complex Found - In 2010, satellite images showed what may be a lost civilization in the Amazon rain forest. This article is from the National Geographic.
  • The Conquistadors - Learn about the Spaniards who invaded ancient South America.