Monday, April 8, 2013

Lesson: Animoto

You will create a movie in Animoto to convey the meaning of six literary terms.

Description: The movie must contain at least three photos for each term, the definition for each term (in your own words), text throughout the movie showing examples of the literary terms, music to go along with your movie. You must cite your photo and music sources.

Step One:

Write a summary of your movie, including theme.

Step Two:

Download your photos from the Royalty Free Link on M3S Roxx.

Step Three:

Download music from Royalty free Link on M3S Roxx, you may also use 30 sec of your own (CLEAN) music that depict the figurative language element. (see example below)

Step Four:

Layout your video in Story board DUE: MARCH 22

Step Five:

Using the Story Board layout, Create your Video in Animoto.

Step Six:

Email me a link of the Animoto Video to DUE: APRIL 8, 2013

       Video Rubric:                       100  

1.      7 – 10 Pictures                       20  Start working on this March 11

2.      Text for each Photo:                20  

3.      Story Board                            20  DUE: FRIDAY, MARCH 22 

4.      Music                                      20 

5.      Cite sources                            10 

6.      Creativity                                10

 Note: Please cite the website you used for your research and cite each photograph.