M3S: Computer Parts and Research     

In this lesson you will learn about computer parts and use two other online sources to expand your information.  

You should have four sources cited two listed on this page, two you find to add to your research.

Use Research located on M3S Roxx.

(do not use Wikipedia)

 Cite your sources in MLA  on a separate sheet of paper.

Click on the link below to answer the questions. 

Click and Learn Comuter Parts 

1. What is a drive bay?                                 

2. List the different types of drive bays.

3. What is the power supply?                       

4. What is a case fan? 

5. What is a microprocessor? 

6. Draw and label the microprocessor. 

7. What is the chipset? 

8. What is a video card? 

9. What is a sound card? 

10. What is a modem? 

11. What is the Basic Input/Output System? 

12. What is memory? What does it do? 

13. What is a motherboard? What does it do? 

14. What is a computer peripheral?