M3S Debate Process

Vocabulary:  Affirmative, Pro, For = YES                  

                        Negative, Con, Against = NO

Rebuttal: a form of evidence that is presented to contradict or nullify other evidence that has been presented by the adverse or opposite party.

        Debate Guidelines

1.                 Research supporting evidence topic via internet, books, newspapers, magazine articles, etc.

2.                 Explore all sides of the issue. You will need to know both sides so you are ready for the REBUTTAL.

      3.                 Defend your SIDE (Pro or Con)   NOTE: You are REQUIRED to site 3 – 5 references.

4.                 Each Member of the Team SPEAKS!

Preparing Your Debate

Opening Statement (first speaker)

In the opening statement you state your main argument in three main points, briefly     summarize your argument without giving SPECIFIC information. Have an attention grabber.

 Topic Presenters – 3 Speakers

First Speaker –     State First point, listing specific details, and evidence.

Second Speaker –  State Second Point, listing specific details and evidence.

Third Speaker –    State Third point, listing specific details and evidence. 

Rebuttal Presenters –  Speaker

Refute the points of the opposing team's points using specific information to disprove the point. (your team will take notes while the other team speaks to prepare your rebuttal)

Closing Statement – final speaker

Present the closing viewpoints  for the team. Repeat the main idea and the main reasons, and end with a memorable statement.

During the debate each will have a turn to present it’s side, starting with the Affirmative. There will be a brief rebuttal conference consisting of 2 minutes.

 Order of Debate

Affirmative      Opening Statement

Negative          Opening Statement

Affirmative      First Point

Negative          First Point

Affirmative      Second Point

Negative          Second Point

Affirmative      Third Point

Negative          Third Point

Negative          Rebuttal

Affirmative      Rebuttal

Affirmative      Closing Statement

Negative          Closing Statement


No Put Downs.

No Interruptions.

No Whispering while another speaker is talking.


Opening Statements for both sides – 1.5 minutes each

Each Point for both sides – 3 minutes each

Rebuttal Conference – 2 minute

      Rebuttals – 2 minutes each

      Closing Statements for both sides – 1.5 minutes each


  This is a formal debate. Professional attire required.