Sixth grade students created MMS Commercials in the first semester of Video Production. They created a portfolio which consisted of their team logo, commercial script and story board.



Sixth graders: Alyssa, Timothy, Michael and Tiffany created ATTM Productions and produced their first MMS Commercial. 

Their Tagline:


The commercial highlights the Elementary/Middle School Building.


Dino Entertainment created a dramatic MMS commercial of a mom desperate to to find a new school for her son. Where do they go? 

To the Millhopper Montessori School expert...... (Atticus).

Dino Entertainment:  Ben, Sarah, Alex and Soren


Freestyle Productions created a 30 second ad that shows pre-school classrooms with teacher and student voice over effect.

Sixth graders: Austin, Michele, Marisa and Peyton are the members of Freestyle Productions.



Pumpkin Productions creates a personal commercial. 

Their Tagline: " For me this isn't school, this is my family."

Pumpkin Productions Team: Sixth graders, Cristina,Trent, Bryan and Elizabeth.