Sixth Grade / Sony Vegas Assignment 1

 The students learned Sony Vegas Pro by creating videos from pictures taken from all the activities happening at MMS. In partners they had to create a video using, text, music, transitions, effects and the MMS Logo! 

There are seven videos showcasing: Gardening, Science, Halloween, 

Morning Side Nature Park Field Trip and M3S Zumba Class.


Trent and Peyton created Gardening memories at MMS!


 Sarah and Alex show us why Science is Cool at MMS!


Halloween celebrations captured by Tiffany and Austin. 


Fourth graders venture to Morning Side Nature Park. Video created by:  Ben and Marisa 


Soccer Time! Soren and Alyssa create a montage of soccer games.


Students love spending time in the Media Center. Video created by: Elizabeth and Michele. 


Middle School had a great time with Dr. Ana Moros-Hanley, at their Zumba Class. M3S Roxx a 45 minute Zumba Class every month thanks to Dr. Ana!