Welcome to Middle School Technology History Games. Below are several games created by 6th - 8th graders to help you learn about the history of various subjects having to do with the Intenet and the role it plays in hospitals, communication, music, and more. 



There are ten questions in the "History og Google" game. Seven questions are multiple choice and three are true or false questions. If you get a wrong answer, you may answer the question again, by clicking the question link to return to the question. If you answer the question correct, click the question link to go back to answer the next question. Have fun learning!


Skype was bought by two major businesses, Microsoft and eBay for a large amount of money. There is a program called “Skype in the Classroom” which teachers who have used it recommend to others. It can be used to give lessons and allow the teacher to make comments and give assignments. Students also have the ability to ask questions using this program.