Around the World - PREZI


Mr. C will share the opening map of the countries of the world. You will use this map as a background for your Prezi. 

Each stop should zoom in onto that country. You should then zoom back out to the map into the next country. Get creative with how you do this.

You will be responsible for giving an in-depth account of one country that you visit. 


The Prezi should include all 9 countires.

A brief summary of the country. (3 -4 sentences)

Destinations you visited in each country

How long was your visit?

Where did you stay? (what hotel or Air BnB or Bed & Breakfast - list the name of the place and the city)

How much did you spend your money? Where did you spend your money?

Where did eat: breakfast, lunch dinner??

What airline did you use to get you from the country to the next.

What was your favorite part of your visit in the country?

Additional Information

This is designed to be a long-term project that you should take your time with. You will need to work at home as well. Please don’t rush through this and turn in a project that is clearly not your best work.

Find pictures to put into your Prezi. Once again, I want to see how creative you can get using this framework. Think outside the box!

Please use your time in class to work on your project and not to try and find “loopholes” in the assignment. Use your powers of perception for good!

There will probably be changes to this format as we go. Adapt and overcome.


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