Around the World Trip


Your task is to travel to the countries assigned to you and create a detail budget in Google Sheets and a 

Prezi of all the countries you visit.

Below are the details needed for your research.

                                   Four  Countries researched: Due date: (open)  2020 (end of class)

Five countries researched: Due date is (open)

Prezi due: Friday, May 8, 2020 (turn in Google Classroom)

Budget due: May 15, 2020 (turn in Google Classroom)

Virtual Class Work Day (Fridays)

Budget: You do not have a budget of expenditures, however you must keep track of what you spend for the Google Sheets Budget. It should be named "your name" Budget 2020.

Trip Dates: Your trip will start August 1 and end Sept 30, 2020

Cultural Sites: Pick at least one cultural site to visit from each country.  Research the importance to the country. Be very specific.

Airfare: Calculate airfare for each leg of your journey. Plan a route that limits long flights where you can. Visit Travel sites such as:

KayakTravelocity, and Orbitz.

Also check: Delta, American Airlines and United. (for example)

Once outside of the U.S. check the airlines available in other countries you are visiting. 

Hotels: Your parameters will tell you where to look for accommodations.

Check or other sites to acquire hotel prices.

Food:  Food is another parameter you will need for your Google Sheets Budget. Check Yelp or other food websites.

Cash: You will need currency in each country. Use the currency exchange site:

Prezi:  Mr. C. will share the opening map of the countries of the world. This is to be used as the background of your Prezi. Each stop should zoom in onto that country. You should zoom back out to the map into the next country. Get creative with this.

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