Around the World Trip -Task 3


You must create a website in Google Sites

It must include:

Home Page: General description of your site and a logo designed in Google Drawing saved as a png

Before You Travel: this page includes details about preparing for your trip. Include a sub tab: Traveling in (the country) is sub tab should include hotels and transportation in the country.

Cultural Destinations: this page should include information about all the places you visit, details about the places, including why it is an important cultural destination.

Dining: this page should include the places you ate, lunch, breakfast & dinner and the cost.

Video: This page is where you will embed the video you create about your trip. 

Fun Facts: This page includes fun facts about the country.

Please check your website for spelling errors and grammar errors.


The video must be about your country. The video must include your logo created in Google Drawings and be 2 - 5 minutes long. (2 minutes is the minimum, 5 minutes in the maximum.)

Ideas to consider:

A Music Video

A News Report

A Weather Report

A Picture Collage of the Cultural place you visited with music

Due: May 8, 2020

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